Ali Golden is dedicated to reducing waste, engaging in ethical production practices, and making clothes that last. Every decision we make as a business prioritizes people and planet over profit, from the fabrics we use to the partners we work with.
Our design process starts and ends with sustainability. We believe creativity can exist without compromise, so each piece balances function and quality with fun. Fast fashion isn’t our style, so anything Ali Golden is a wardrobe staple. 
Importing and exporting fabrics can be unnecessarily taxing on the environment, so we let the fabrication we’re working with dictate where we produce. All of our Pima cotton woven garments and cotton, alpaca, and wool sweaters are locally sourced and made in collaboration with a women-owned factory in Lima, Peru. Our linen, silk, and cotton garments are made in a fair-trade, family-owned factory in India, and our synthetic and silk garments are produced in small batches by a second-generation, family-owned facility in Hong Kong.
Our goal is to create as little waste as possible every step of the way. We use sustainable fibers and fabrics, ethical printing and dyeing methods, and recycled or dead-stock fabric whenever possible. All our shipping and shopping materials are compostable or recyclable, and even our hang tags find second lives on new merchandise.